Pat Smith | Sound Engineer | Host

Meet the creator and host of Opinionate This, Patrick Smith. He is also the sound engineer and sound editor. So every time you hear a great song or sound byte, you have him to thank. He is also in charge of getting the podcast to your ears.

Lindsay Rollins | Producer

This is Lindsay Rollins, our media specialist, producer, video editor and co-host on Opinionate This Podcast. She is in charge of putting the videos up and making sure all the content is as quality as possible. She is also the voice behind all of Opinionate This' web presence including Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and the website.

Titus McNally | PR | Media Consultant

Titus is Opinionate This' idea guy as well as our go-to for collaborations, communications and Social Media consultations. He is the creator of the YouTube animated series Broke Ass Guide to Life which we highly recommend.