Opinionate This the Web Series

There's a new series to hit this fall and it's called Opinionate This the Web show! Watch as this crew of unlikely, slightly- competent misfits try to work together to create a Rock Opera. This series documents the trials, tribulations and triumphs of making an independent film through a comedic lens. Subscribe on YouTube to catch the season premier October 6th!


Season 1


When Lindsay meets a strange, homeless man asleep on her couch he catches her off- guard during her business meeting with Patrick.

The Pitch

Titus and Pat are determined to convince Lindsay to get on board for their bright idea.


The Financing

Lindsay and Pat get excited about their production budget. Titus is suspiciously worried and tries to curb their enthusiasm.



The Letterhead

None of the Opinionate This crew can decide on a finalized letterhead on their letter to investors and havoc is wreaked.


The Fight

Everything blows up from a recent argument, leaving a lot of events to interpretation.